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We have been listed under the best producers of Amla products. Being just few years old, TVN has brought in a major transformation of taste and health product as a package. Our products concentrate not just on the flavour but also give its full importance in the mixture of ingredients and how the product has been packaged. The herbal pure products are fully based on Amla and no other preservatives or additive flavour has been added to it. The experience and the savour one gets from any of our product has been tested several times under good maintenance and testing conditions which will suit the need of any kind of consumer. The products are wide ranged and each of the sub products acts as an agent to favour the needs of people and their taste. We specialise in products which are sweet, in the form of liquid, solid and semi solid taste. We also provide slight variations in taste by adding real bitter guard (Karela) to give it a sour yet sweet state, our Honey is also a famous product which can be used to mix in any other food item. We ensure that only the good, ripped and best ones are picked for neat and clean process of Amla making.

TVN AMLA Candy 50-50
TVN AMLA Amla Squash
TVN AMLA Amla Juice